Rotating House chases the sun

Take a look out of the nearest window.  Like what you see?  If you've not been living in your current home long, or you're blessed with a picturesque view, you might still get some pleasure and interest out of it.  Or maybe it's all got a tad predictable.  Wouldn't it be nice to be able to move your home around, change the view a bit?  Well, Australian engineer Luke Everingham thought that would be an excellent idea, and so set to work designing and building a rotating house four hours north of Sidney, NSW.

Surrounded by gorgeous scenery (including river rapids and mountains), the lantern-like house is propelled by electric motors and can complete one full rotation per half-hour at maximum speed.  Luke cleverly designed the predominantly glass and steel building to either turn on command – making the most of a particular view, for instance – or chase the sun, which has the added benefit of reducing their heating bills by making the most of the daytime warmth. 

Currently looking for partnership to commercially market the concept, Luke estimates that a from-scratch project of this sort would cost $1m (Aus).  As for the views, well, I guess they're priceless.

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