Roombas take on Video Game costume [Video]

If you're a lover of either Mario Brothers or the Legend of Zelda, you're in for a tiny bit of a treat. There's an art show that goes on every year around this time going by the name iam8bit, this year going by the name SUPER iam8bit. This show features over 100 artists showing off works of all mediums from electronic to flat out paint covering 80's video games in their own loving way. The video you're about to see shows a set of roombas with hats commissioned by the iam8bit core team and fabricated by artist/designer Kelice Penney. Cool beans!

You'll find that each of these little guys was created by hand, that they're absolutely intricately detailed, and that the Roomba vacuums themselves weren't altered in the least bit. They're, again, basically just wearing hats. We're not a group to step back from such simple mods though, as its often the simplest gesture that brings about the most genius results. Here we've got a set of four characters you'll remember from your favorite two Nintendo-based games.

There's Goomba from Super Mario Bros, there's two Koopa shalls, green and homing red, both from Super Mario Kart, and then of course there's the disparate Octorok from the Legend of Zelda. These little creatures floated about the art show for hours on end, all 4,500 square feed of the exhibit spic and span at the end of it all. Wouldn't it be awesome if Roomba sold these custom costumes so that everyone could have a big time awesome experience?

Also note, if you're wondering, that the music you are hearing is "A Jagged Gorgeous Winter" by the band The Main Drag. Fun stuff!

Thanks for the tip, anon!