Roku SoundBridge music streamer in action

Chris Davies - Nov 11, 2006

Saturday is a day for putting ones feet up on a small, raised stool, supping from a glass of slightly warmed cinnamon milk and listening to the latest in Czech talk-radio; Roku have obviously known this for years, which is why they’re taking advantage of that wireless network you’ve set up (you have got one, haven’t you?) to stream music around your house with the SoundBridge.  Starting with the essentials of an alarm clock (in fact an atomic one, so you need never set the time) and remote control, Roku have added a clear display, presets to your favourite playlists and radio stations and a full stereo speaker pair with subwoofer.  There’s even a SD/MMC card slot for loading music direct.  Hottech TV like the SoundBridge so much that they’ve made a video about it; check it out below.

Hottech TV [thanks to H.D. for the tip]

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