Roku slash Netflix streamer prices; 1080p HD update promised

Roku has slashed prices of its media streaming range, with the entry-level Roku SD now priced at just $59.  Meanwhile, the company is also promising to update their Roku HD-XR model – which has dropped from $129 to $99 – to support 1080p HD, up from the 720p HD of the current version.  That will join the USB playback support, which is also due later in the year.

In-between the two models sits the Roku HD, which has dropped from $99 to $69.  According to Roku, their intention is to see not just one of the cut-price streamers in every US home, but three.  It's worth remembering, of course, that you'll also need an active Netflix subscription if you want to actually view content on the devices.

[via Review Horizon]