Rodenator Pro turns critters into creme brulée

There's a popular UK television programme called The Dragon's Den, in which five millionaire business people are courted by inventors (themselves at various points on the barmy continuum) who desperately want financial backing for their schemes.  Some – very few, actually – get the money they want; most get told that they're useless, business-inept and uninvestable.  As with most things in life, it's far more fun watching those in the latter category.

One can only imagine what sort of response the Rodenator Pro would have received – a handheld pest-control tool that, after filling the burrow of your local mole, gopher, squirrel or prairie dog with propane and oxygen, ignites it to create what boils down to an underground inferno.  Tunnels collapse, rodents are dispatched to their fluffy maker by either the flames themselves or the shockwave the explosion causes, and you get to explain to your next door neighbour why various parts of their lawn has suddenly collapsed into unpleasantly sticky ash.

$1,890 is the key to rodent-slaughtering enjoyment/brutality.

Rodenator Pro [via Core77]