Rocket Mobility Tomahawk is a beastly all-terrain wheelchair

We've seen interesting wheelchairs in the past, including the recent stylish Carbon Black. Rocket Mobility's Tomahawk is no less notable, but swings in a completely different direction. While the Carbon Black is an ultra light and sleek wheelchair built for ease of use and aesthetics, Tomahawk is aimed at outdoorsy folks — those who want to go traipsing through the woods on a hunting trip or possibly to the surface of Mars. It includes, among other things, a couple wide tracks.

Tomahawk was created to give those with disabilities the ability to go outdoors on rough terrain without any issues. It accomplishes this using wide tracks, rear wheels that will keep it from tipping, and dual 6.5hp motors controlled using a mechanical control arm.

The wheelchair is powered by two 12-volt deep cycle batteries, and offers a combination of safety and comfort with a plush seat, seat belt, and adjustable arm rests. The seat itself is 28-inches high, while the machine has a ground clearance of 5.5-inches.

Other features include an optional LED head lamp, roll bar, gun rack, racing seat, and more. Tomahawk is offered in red, blue, orange, and black colors, but custom paint jobs are available for extra. The price is heft at nearly $10,000 USD.

SOURCE: Gizmag