Rock out with the electric violin

It would seem today is a video day for me, I rarely post any videos but today I found two that I just couldn't resist writing up. This one features a man in the UK playing the violin. It seems normal enough and even a little dull, however, the guy owns one bad ass violin. You have to take a gander at this one. I apologize in advance; it would seem the camera man has ADD as the cameraman apparently has a wandering eye.'t you love when you are watching an extremely interesting video and the cameraman just suddenly cuts away to look at a friggin pigeon?! It definitely adds flavor to the clip, looks like the poor guy actually put some effort into it too. Someone should tell him we only care about the guy playing violin, not a random swan in the river.I attempted violin once, and if playing had been that cool I might have almost considered sticking with it (maybe). I want to know where he got that violin; it had to be pricey, not to mention all of the equipment. That is all him too, there isn't any extra added crap to flavor it up some. Kind of makes you wish your favorite rock band would hunt that guy down to do a song with him. I would definitely go to see that in concert.Incredible Electric Violin Performance [via Random Good Stuff]