Rock Band iPod nano watch-strap is obvious accessory

Slapping the new iPod nano onto a watch strap and wearing it on your wrist was first suggested mere seconds after Steve Jobs announced the fifth-gen PMP, and we've seen various homemade examples of how it could work.  Now, iLoveHandles has actually come up with a watch strap especially designed for the nano, complete with a cut-out notch to make sure the iPod is centered.

It's hard to get too excited over a watch strap, but it's made of leather and has a buckle and five – count 'em! – holes.  Fat wrist, thin wrist, everybody's welcome here.  The notch means the iPod nano's clip can slot neatly into place, something most regular straps won't accommodate.

All a bit silly, perhaps, but for $19.95 it's an easy way to wear your iPod nano and still have access to the touchscreen.  On sale now.