Rock Band 1 tracks can now be imported on Xbox One

Last week we brought you the news that after months of waiting, PS4 owners could finally import their Rock Band 1 tracks into the latest installment of the game. Unfortunately, the same was not true for Xbox One owners. The developers confirmed that they were still hard at work solving the issue on Microsoft's gaming platform, but no solid time frame was given.Today, Harmonix announced that they have been able to bring those same tracks to the Xbox One, with one little caviat. While you'll be able to download (nearly) all of the classic Rock Band 1 tracks, you won't be able to download them as a bundle. Instead, you'll need to head over to the import tab and select each and every one of them individually.While an annoyance, it'll be nice for players to finally complete their back catalog, or at least as much as is possible. There are still a few songs that will only be available at a later date, and three that will sadly never make it back into Rock Band, due to licensing issues.The three tracks that won't be showing up are Back Sabbath's "Paranoid," Iron Maiden's "Run to the Hills," and "Enter Sandman" by Metallica.

VIA: Destructoid