Roborock S7 cleaning robot takes sonic mopping up a notch

The folks at Roborock revealed a brand new robot vacuum cleaner today with the Roborock S7. This device has what the company calls the "world's-first sonic mopping system with intelligent lift technology on a robot vacuum." This robot aims to simplify the robotic vacuum and mop experience – as quick as possible, with as little interruption as possible to the life of the user.

This device has what the company calls "one of the fastest sonic mops on the market." Thanks to a new ultrasonic carpet recognition system, also has the ability to tell the difference between a variety of surfaces. As such, it's able to switch "seamlessly" between surfaces like hardwood and carpet with what they call "VibraRise" technology.

The Roborock S7 has a "variety of high-intensity scrub settings" that provide a range of "times per minute." That's the amount of times an area is scrubbed, providing the ability to deliver a quick scrub or dive deep where situations like "dried-on messes" can be handled. The lowest scrub setting is 1,650 times/min, the highest is 3,000 times/min.

This new model Roborock S7 works with an "upgraded" main brush with a maximum 2500Pa of suction. This model works with Alexa, Siri, and Google Home abilities through a connected smartphone or tablet. This version also delivers smart mapping abilities and real-time reports with the app.

With a 5200mAh battery, this Roborock S7 cleaning robot claims up to three hours of uninterrupted cleaning. That's specifically in quiet mode, mind you – not in the heaviest of modes.

The Roborock S7 is approximately 353 x 350 x 96.5mm in size. It'll be made available in white or black, with a dust bin capacity of 470ml. Each model works with a 300ml water tank capacity (for mopping) and an expected 300sqm cleaning area for one cleanup (and 200sqm mopping area for one cleanup).

The Roborock S7 cleaning robot will be released on March 24, 2021. At that time, on Amazon, the Roborock S7 will be available for MSRP of $649 USD.