Roborace driverless racing car takes on Goodwood

Autonomous cars will be a mainstream part of life at some point in the not-so-distant future. People will get around without having to drive or even pay attention to what's going on around them. That day isn't here just yet but we are getting closer.

Each year at the Goodwood hill climb some of the fastest cars in the world take their lap up the hill to see who is fastest. This year there were several cars that crashed, several that flew up the hill, and several that drove up the hill without needing a driver.

The fastest of the driverless rides was the cool looking Roborace car. We have talked about Roborace before, in fact, the very first driverless Roborace race ended in a crash. There were no crashes for Roborace at Goodwood.

The car flew up the mountain sans driver with a camera in tow so we can watch the climb. The car is electric so all you really hear are gears whirring and electric motors purring. The trip up the hill happens very quickly.

You can watch the hill climb in the video below. The look of the Roborace cars is very cool and hopefully one day the cars will be advanced enough to be really fast, that would be something to see.