Roblox reveals new Metaverse must-have feature for audio

Roblox Spatial Voice is ready to roll in Beta mode, bringing the Roblox Metaverse one step closer to reality. I mean, technically Roblox already IS a Metaverse of sorts, but with Spatial Voice, the entire experience will become a whole lot more like Ready Player One than it is today. Spatial Voice will be available to test first in the Roblox Community Space for developers.

The way the creators of Roblox describe it, Spatial Voice enables avatar to avatar communications "within the Roblox Community Space". This feature ties the voice of the avatar to the avatar in 3D space. The distance a player is away from another player has a direct impact on how well they are able to be heard.

This system uses the users' microphones for communication between players. This sort of communication is not currently enabled for all Roblox players. Especially those players that are young kids, having such a feature is just asking for trouble. But among players that are confirmed to be old enough to speak to strangers – this could be cool.

Per a Roblox representative, "Today's news furthers Roblox's goal of bringing the metaverse to life by bringing communication on Roblox closer to reality while remaining unbound by the limitations of reality."

"Maintaining a digitally civil and safe platform is paramount," said Manuel Bronstein, Roblox Chief Product Officer. "Virtual communication should be governed by the same restraint we exercise in the real world." We'll expect that this voice feature will be made just as safe as the rest of the Roblox platform.

Spatial Voice is not a new feature to gaming in general. Games like Among Us and Project Winter make great use of spatial audio in 2D. Now, with the way Roblox is aiming to integrate their own feature into their platform, it should become VERY apparent how integral having a feature like this is to the future of Metaverse-type games and virtual reality.