Roast your bulbs in style

This headline from AVING – "Let's enjoy roasted garlic in 27 minutes!" – is probably the best invitation I've had all day.  Yeah, someone did invite me out for 43 minutes of roasted garlic, but I only get a half-hour lunch break so I had to say no.  We'll be baking our cloves in this nifty (and for some reason pumpkin coloured) Roasted Garlic Express, a machine whose sole purpose in your kitchen is to take on board the pungent bulbs and turn them into sweet, moreish chunks of flavourful deliciousness.

A non-stick cup makes cleaning easy, and for the fashionistas among you they're bringing out a shiny stainless-steel version.  The basic model costs around $34.95

Roasted Garlic Express [via AVING]