Roads? The Back to the Future drone doesn't need roads

The AR.Drone is a nifty piece of kit, and as we saw the other day, there are some interesting and unique possibilities in how to control it. Drones also figure prominently into law enforcement, but our only complaint is that they all look a bit boring. If only someone came along and spruced up the exterior to be a little bit more entertaining.

Try this on for size: an enthusiast from Russia has created a replica of Doc Brown's DeLorean from Back to the Future, fully capable of flight thanks to the included Turnigy 2204-14T motors. The car has been pimped out with plenty of LEDs, with the wheels doubling as propellers. It even has a Mr. Fusion unit on the back, although the model is really powered by a lithium polymer battery.

How exactly is it all controlled? With the guts of a Wii Remote. Thanks to the MultiWii project, stabilization is handled by the gyroscopes and accelerometers found inside the Wii MotionPlus adaptor and Nunchuck.

It's an extremely faithful replica, and seems to fly very well too. Don't take out word for it: check the embedded YouTube video below to see it gracefully ascend to the skies.

[via Technabob]