Rise of Tomb Raider trailer shows off grappling hook

We are suckers for video games around here and one of the franchises we have been playing for years is Tomb Raider. The next game in the franchise is Rise of the Tomb Raider and a new trailer for the coming game has been unveiled. You can check out the trailer at the bottom if you want to avoid spoilers.

The environments looks good and show snowy landscapes as Lara goes about her not so archeological missions. The game looks a lot like Assassins Creed Black Flag in the way Lara moves and jumps tree to tree to me.

The game makes lots of use of a grappling hook to help Lara get around in environments. Certainly not realistic, but it looks cool nonetheless. You can bet more than a few irritating gaming sessions will ensue when your grappling hook misses and you fall to your death.

The video shows Lara escaping from a burning building with what appear to be flaming arrows hot on her trail.

Players will get to jump from tree to tree and cling to the side of cliffs holding onto roots and weeds. Check out the video and see what the new game will look like, it looks to be quite fun.