RIM testing Android apps on BlackBerry phones tips developer

Android developers ShopSavvy have spotted what looks to be evidence of three BlackBerry smartphones running their Android-only app, lending weight to rumors last month that RIM is considering adding an Android-compliant virtual machine to its smartphones. The BlackBerry 8300, 8600 and 8520 were all caught in ShopSavvy's flurry logs, running the software at various points in January and February this year.

Speculation began last month that RIM was considering using an Android-compatible virtual machine on theĀ PlayBook tablet and, potentially, its smartphones, so as to dramatically increase the number of apps available to users. Although official access to the Android Market would be dependent on an agreement with Google, even being able to simply run Android titles without them being recoded for BlackBerry OS would allow developers to push across their handiwork and broaden their audience.

[via Android Community]