RIM 'Super BlackBerry' plus next-gen Storm in development

The dust has barely settled on the RIM BlackBerry Storm launch, and already there's news of new, improved devices on the horizon.  The BGR has received word from multiple sources that not only are RIM currently working on the second-gen BlackBerry Storm (and in the early stages of the third-gen Storm), but that the more immediate future holds a super-BlackBerry with a near-HD display and 5-megapixel autofocus camera.

The form-factor for the new device is uncertain, with BGR describing it as "a Bold and Storm mashup"; it could either have a slide-out keyboard or be more Palm Treo styled.  Internal RAM takes a huge leap to 1GB from the current 128MB, which should end complaints of memory leaks or not enough space to run multiple aftermarket apps.

Timescales for the devices are uncertain.  Given we haven't even seen the original touchscreen Storm released yet, it's unlikely that its replacement will even get a proper announcement (or, more likely, leaked photos) for several months.  As for the "super BlackBerry", it's likely to appear sooner; while those specs are outlandish compared to RIM's current roster, they're nothing all that unusual in the grand sense of the market.