RIM Playbook OS 2.0 now rumored for mid-February

RIM's PlayBook tablet didn't do very well on the market, but it is still available unlike the TouchPad. RIM has recently shown off the second version of the PlayBook OS reports BGR and the final version of the OS for PlayBook users to download is said to be landing by the middle of February 2012. This is the update that lots of PlayBook owners are dying to get that brings support for two key things to the tablet.

The key support is for Android apps, native email, and PIM access as well. BGR notes that RIM's Jim Balsillie has announced on the last RIM earnings call that the PlayBook would get an update this month. This is where the BGR source comes in with claims that the 2.0 update is pushed until mid-February. The source BGR sites claims that the problem RIM is having has to do with the ability to allow a user's BlackBerry smartphone and PlayBook work with one BBM account.

The solution as of now according to the source will be two independent BBM apps for the smartphone and tablet each with different contact lists. That won't be what owners of the PlayBook and a Blackberry smartphone want to hear. A rumored specific date for OS 2.0 to land is February 17.

[via BGR]