RIM offering $100 gift card to BlackBerry owners with PlayBook purchase

Loyal BlackBerry fans get another chance at picking up the PlayBook with a great discount. The tablet has seen a slew of promotions in recent weeks and this time it's being discounted in a "Back-at-school" offer that's exclusive to existing BlackBerry smartphone users. If you currently own a BlackBerry you can get a $100 prepaid gift card when you purchase a PlayBook.

This deal follows just two days after the end of Best Buy's PlayBook promotion, which offered a $150 discount on the 64GB model, but only offered a $50 discount on both the 16GB and 32GB models. So if you missed out on that, here's another chance, but this new deal from RIM is also for a limited time only, running until September 22. The deal is available only to residents in the US and Canada, and is limited to one claim per PlayBook with a total of three claims per household.

The PlayBook currently runs on RIM's new QNX platform while current BlackBerry smartphones are still running on the BlackBerry 7 OS. There have been some incompatibility issues and plenty of criticism over the PlayBook's half-baked firmware, but RIM has been trying to remedy that with several updates over the past few months. Also, the promised Android App player feature is still not available, although leaks of the interface suggest that it should be arriving soon.

[via CrackBerry]