Best Buy cuts up to $150 off BlackBerry PlayBook

Best Buy has kicked off a promotion for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet that slashes the price by as much as $150. The deal isn't quite as dramatic as the HP TouchPad fire sale of course, but it's still decent for those that have been considering the PlayBook, especially the 64GB model.

The sale offers a $50 discount on the 16GB and 32GB PlayBook models bringing the prices down to $449.99 and $549.99, respectively. The $150 discount goes towards the 64GB model, which oddly brings the price down in line with the 32GB model at $549.99. That's a sign that they're way overstocked on the 64GB model, because seriously who would pay the same amount for the smaller storage capacity?

Even with the discount though, the price could be a bit high for some, especially with the various limitations of the new QNX platform that RIM is still in the midst of updating. Plus, there's also the ability to run Android apps that has yet to arrive for the tablet. But assuming that all the promised features do eventually get delivered, it could still be a good option for BlackBerry fans. But don't waver too long because the deal ends on September 5. You can check out the sale here.

[via PhoneArena]