Ricoh WG-4 and WG-4 GPS outdoor digital cameras are waterproof and rugged

Brittany A. Roston - Feb 5, 2014
Ricoh WG-4 and WG-4 GPS outdoor digital cameras are waterproof and rugged

Ricoh has introduced a couple of new cameras for the outdoorsy folks among us: the Ricoh WG-4 and the WG-4 GPS. Both cameras bring waterproof and shock-resistant bodies to the table, providing protection against harsh environments where your average digital camera wouldn’t tread. We’ve a breakdown of the specs after the jump.

Aside from the WG-4 GPS model featuring GPS image tagging and automatic time adjustment for images, both models are the same, each featuring a waterproof construction allowing for photography to depths of 14 meters for up to two hours — an IPX8 rating. Both are also shock-resistant to drops from up to two meters, dustproof, and resistant to temps down to -10 Celsius.

Both cameras offer 4x optical zoom and a max aperture of f/2.0, promising bright and clear images despite low-light conditions. The sensor is a 16MP CMOS offering, and ISO ranges extends to up to 6400. There are 16 different scene modes, as well as several under Shutter Priority that totals 29 different shooting options.

Anti-blur technology is embedded as well, with a shake reduction system using image-sensor-shift and a digital shake reduction mode. There are also six LED macro lights for better lighting in macro photography. The LCD is a large 3-inches, and video recording can be performed in 16:9 1080p HD at 30 frames-per-second. There’s no word yet on pricing or availability.

SOURCE: Ricoh Imaging

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