Ricoh makes geotagging your photos easy

Amen to Ricoh.  There have been wirelessly-enabled cameras before, but never one as comprehensively equipped as their new 500SE.  We're talking Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS for geotagging, along with an 8-megapixel lens and automatic geotagging of video and still images.  Great stuff, eh?  And then they go and whack it all into a casing that looks like this:


Seriously, guys, no no no. 

I understand that rough'n'ready cameras have a certain niche appeal, but something with these bleeding-edge features should've been sleek, slick and most likely silver.  Let me put it simply: there's no way I'd buy this camera, no matter how much I love the features, because I couldn't be bothered carrying something so bulky and ugly around with me. 

It's such a shame, and the sooner they get their act together and make a sexy version the better.  Besides being waterproof and shock-resistant, the 500SE has a 2.5-inch screen, anti-blur stabilisation, 28mm wide-angle zoom lens and the ability to take macro shots just 1cm away.

Priced at £599.99 ($1179) for the version with WiFi, there's another without it for £50 less.

Digital Photography Review [via Coolest Gadgets]