Ricoh GXR Module Lets You Swap Leica Lenses

Many of us may be familiar with lightweight interchangeable lens cameras such as with the micro four-thirds technology. But Ricoh has been offering something slightly different since 2009, when it introduced its GXR series modular cameras that swap out not only the lens but also the camera sensor. The company today announced a new module for the GXR series that will work with Leica M-mount lenses.

Ricoh recently announced it was purchasing Pentax to expand its consumer digital camera business, specifically in the lightweight interchangeable lens camera department. But that doesn't mean that Ricoh will discontinue its own GXR series cameras, which are preferred by some for the ability to swap out not only the lens but also the camera sensor so that they can better adjust for varying shooting conditions.

The new GXR module is called the A12 and it uses a 12.3-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor with a Leica M mount. It also comes with its own focal plane shutter so that it can be used instead of the camera's electronic shutter. The module is expected to become available on September 9, priced at $649.

[via Electronista]