Rian Johnson's Pokemon GO trailer makes original dream a reality

Today the folks at Niantic released a trailer for their next major Pokemon GO event, Pokemon GO Fest 2020. This trailer was created by Niantic, The Pokemon Company International, and director Rian Johnson. This video uses a set of clever visuals to remind us of the original dream that was Pokemon GO before it started – the one in which the world would actually feel like it was filled with Pokemon!

The video you'll see here shows a world in which bits of our environment can be peeled back to reveal the hidden world of Pokemon. Utilizing the effects you'll find in the augmented reality portions of Pokemon GO, it would appear that, wherever you go, Pokemon GO is there.

This video was made in collaboration with Rian Johnson. That's the same Rian Johnson that directed Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and one of the most interesting mystery movies of the last decade: Knives Out! He's also, apparently, a very big fan of the game Pokemon GO. That's what Niantic's suggested, in any case – and why not? Who could deny such a simple concept?

Niantic also shared that Pokemon GO Fest had sold more than 700k tickets for their Pokemon GO Fest event in more than 110 countries around the world. Less than a week ago, that number was about 600,000 – so it's certainly growing at a decent speed.

You can find out more about Pokemon GO Fest 2020 in the video above or in the timeline below. The links below explore the ins and outs of the most recent updates to Pokemon GO and information about the event that is Pokemon GO Fest 2020! Take a peek at the timeline below and stay tuned as we learn more about what's to come – they've not released all the details about the event just yet!