Retro Record Player burns your LPs

Chris Davies - Nov 29, 2006

Trust Hammacher Schlemmer to take that USB turntable for converting your vinyl to mp3s (which has been doing the rounds recently, despite SlashGear covering it last August) and knock it into a cocked hat.  “You don’t need a PC” they cry, luxury voices dripping with derision, “all you need is our retro-styled LP-to-CD Recorder.”  And I suppose, in the correct (read:hideous) surroundings it would blend in.  Capable of playing 33s, 45s and 78s, you can easily burn an entire record to CD or – making judicious use of the pause-record feature – make compilations from multiple vinyl (or just put both sides onto one disc).

With an AM/FM radio for those times you can’t be bothered playing DJ – oh, and with a remote control – now the PC-phobic can enjoy their old records in the car too.  It’s a wonderfully egalitarian society we live in, isn’t it, although in this case equality costs $399.95.

LP to CD Recorder

LP-to-CD Recorder [Hammacher Schlemmer]

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