Retina MacBook Pro gets Moshi protection up front

Chris Burns - Aug 17, 2012
Retina MacBook Pro gets Moshi protection up front

If surface protection for your Retina MacBook Pro is what you’re after, Moshi has the accessories for you – this week announcing both a new palm rest and screen protector for the masses. This set of accessories, the iVisor screen protector and the PalmGuard palm rest protector are set to keep your device looking sharp in combination with no less than Moshi’s ClearGuard keyboard protector too!

This comprehensive collection of guards for your device will keep your display, your keys, and the area under your wrists ready for action and looking fabulous. This is always the aim with the folks at Moshi, a group that aims for fashionability and great aesthetics in their designs whether they’re made to protect or made to connect with your electronic gadgets.

With the PalmGuard you’ve got the following key features ready for action:

• Color-matched with the MacBook’s aluminum finish
• Precisely machined to cover the entire palm rest area
• Comes bundled with a matching protective film for the MacBook’s trackpad
• Semi-rigid film protects against grease, dust, and stains, scratches and corrosion
• Durable, can last through multiple re-applications

The ClearGuard keyboard protector keeps your keyboard clean with high transparency film that’s just 0.1mm thin. This cover is made of thermoplastic urethan (durable, non-toxic, engineering-grade) and is both washable and reusable.

Finally you’ll find that the iVisor Pro for the Retina MacBook Pro (15-inch version, of course), you’ll get guaranteed bubble-free installation “with minimum effort.” This iVisor Pro is updated with a new bit of multilayer coating over Moshi’s previous solution, here bringing on screen clarity with glare reduction in tow. This solution also has the ability to be washed and re-applied more than once, with Moshi’s own “resilient polymer adhesive” making it all possible.

You can check them all out over at Moshi’s product page right this minute, and don’t forget to head down to our timeline of Moshi products as well to keep up to date on all things fashion-friendly!

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