Resistance 2 fan-built Marksman rifle

Chris Davies - Jul 13, 2009
Resistance 2 fan-built Marksman rifle

If you’re going to build a DIY replica of a game weapon, then you may as well pick a big one.  Indecently-talented cosplay costume maker Hyokenseisou spent around 100 hours over just five days putting together this Resistance 2 Marksman rifle, complete with illuminated ammo counter and detachable clip.

There’s also a laser guide and a working scope, and the whole thing measures 37 inches long and tips the scales at 2.02lbs.  Hyokenseisou estimates materials – which include a 21-inch blue PVC tube, bottle caps, various pieces of yarn and a fair amount of craft foam – came in at around $100-$150, which seems pretty reasonable considering the end result.

Of course, the Marksman B rifle doesn’t actually fire, but that isn’t to say it hasn’t caused some “battle wounds”.  A couple of second-degree burns and a cut thumb list among the injuries incurred in its making; that’s perhaps a side-effect of spending most of your time for five solid days with a hot glue gun.

[via Kotaku]

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