Researchers create machine capable of assembling complex molecules

One of the more complex and time consuming tasks that researchers perform in the laboratory is the synthesizing of complex small molecules. Sometimes it can take years for a chemist to figure out how to build the molecule and describe its functionality. A group of researchers from the University of Illinois have created a machine that aims to make the process of creating these complex molecules much easier.

The machine is able to assemble a vast range of complex molecules at the push of a button according to the inventors. Complex small molecules are used extensively in research of all sorts of scientific fields. These complex small molecules are used in medical research to create medications and in lots of other fields of study as well.

The researchers believe that the new molecular machine they created has the potential to significantly increase the speeds at which these necessary molecules can be produced. Increasing the speed that the required complex small molecules can be produced will in turn allow for faster and more efficient development of things like new drugs.

The team says that much of the work in complex molecular structures is slowed due to the time consuming production of the complex small molecules. The team who created the machine compares the processed used to building things with Lego bricks. The molecular components used in the machine all have a common connecting system so they can be quickly and securely connected together. All of the chemical building blocks are available commercially right off the shelf.

SOURCE: Gizmag