Republic Wireless goes true unlimited

I think we all know that there are few truly unlimited plans left out there for smartphone users. They may say unlimited, but those little asterisks tell us that they actually limit most of the time. It may be a fair-use policy that charges you more after a small amount of free data, or it could be that they just slow your connection to the point that you can't even use your device for data.

I mentioned Republic Wireless

last month

when we first got word of the new service that was coming. Republic is a no contract wireless carrier who promised unlimited wireless calls, texting, and data for $19 monthly. Once the fine print was combed over, it was found that the firm needed an asterisk near that unlimited claim since it had a confusingly complex fair-use policy in place.

There was an outcry from folks over the policy, and the carrier was thought to be simply deceptive in how it presented its unlimited plan. It seems enough people cried foul that the company is turning around and "going all in" with true unlimited. That is a nice change for sure. The official blog post announcing the elimination of that fair-use policy is below.

"Rather than revising our fair use policy, we've decided not to have one at all. There will simply be no thresholds, and no risk of losing service. We're doing away with all of that to keep all of the focus instead on where it really belongs: Creating a new wireless future together. A future that is simple to understand, unfettered to use, and an amazing value for all. That's what we started down this path to do. That's where the power of this vibrant community, dynamic WiFi ecosystem and revolutionary technology should be invested."