Report Shows That iPhone 4S Now More Popular Than iPhone 4

An overwhelming majority of iPhone 4S owners are "very satisfied" with their new Apple device, and in particular, of the onboard Siri Digital Assistant. According to a new survey released by ChangeWave Research, 77 percent of iPhone 4S owners reported being "very satisfied" with their purchases, with Siri at the top of the list of most-enjoyed features. The survey also showed that customer satisfaction ratings for the latest Apple iPhone are higher than that of its predecessor, the iPhone 4. And to say that the 4S was only a lateral step for new Apple tech? Apparently the majority of people don't think so.

So far, the largest complaint (38 percent of surveyed users) about the iPhone 4S was directed towards the short battery life, while 30 percent stated that they didn't like the lack of 4G wireless connectivity speeds (no LTE yet for the iPhone). Dropped calls, which historically ranked as one of the biggest complaints for the iPhone, remain a negative. Only just 8 percent cited excessive dropped calls as a problem, the result of AT&T improving its network (finally) but also perhaps due to the fact that the iPhone 4S is also available on other, well, shall I say, more consistent (at least in California) networks like Verizon.

The second and third favorite features were the iPhone's ease of use and its 8-megapixel camera. Overall, iPhone owners rather like their new phone, I'd have to say. Even though the middling battery may be somewhat of an inconvenience, perks like Siri and improved call quality make those little glitches seem bearable. What do SlashGear readers think? If you haven't yet, check out our review of the Apple's iPhone 4S .

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