Report: Samsung's Tizen to be used in emerging markets

Tizen, Samsung's home-grown OS that was originally believed to do battle with Android, may be set to do battle on another front. Samsung has limited it to use on their wearables, like the Gear Fit and Galaxy Gear. While they're still keen to get it onto smartphones, they might do it with devices that are a bit more comparable to wearables.

The Samsung Z smartphone was set for release in Japan last year, allegedly coming to users via NCC DoCoMo. Those plans were reportedly scrapped due to limited interest from consumers. The device is now said to have been tossed aside altogether — no Android, no Tizen.

A new report suggests Tizen is set to do business on another front, though. Samsung is rumored to be readying Tizen for battle in emerging markets, putting the operating system on low-end smartphones.

Originally set to battle Android on all fronts, Tizen could be choosing it's battles carefully. Tizen in the emerging market would meet Android One head-on, where the two platforms would battle for supremacy. Both have an established footing and support system, and the emerging market is the most important frontier for both OS and OEM right now.

If Samsung can't get Tizen off the ground, though, they may be in real trouble. Their smartphone business has been in decline for quite some time, despite the success f a few stellar handsets. A failed Tizen could prove disastrous, while Android One can hit and miss — then try again.

If this rumor holds up, it could be interesting to watch emerging markets and how they respond to the varying OS options. Asha is still around, and Windows Phone is still aiming to make some kind of mark in the emerging market.

Source: Tizen Experts