Report: new 12-inch MacBook Air slims down, has single USB port

According to a new report from 9to5Mac, a new MacBook Air is coming. The new computer is alleged to have a12-inch screen, but remain about the size of the 11-inch model via reduced bezels on all sides. Possibly even cooler than that is the computer is said to be an actual thing, not like the iPad Pro we keep hearing about. Sources inside Apple claim to have been hands-on with the new device, which is also lighter than existing MacBook Airs.

Aside from sporting a larger screen and lighter design, there are several other interesting nuances, here. The new-look MacBook is sporting a single USB Type-C port, which sounds silly — but isn't.

The USB Type-C port can handle things you've been relying on other ports to do for years, like external monitors. the new USB standard is also capable of charging, so MagSafes might be dead.

That also means no multiple USB ports, SD Card slot, Thunderbolt — and you won't be able to natively charge and use an external monitor. The natural assumption here is that Apple will release some sort of hub alongside the new MacBook Air for those occasions when multitasking is necessary.

The trackpad is said to be a touch bigger than the existing MacBook Air models (and get rid of the click), but the keyboard has reportedly been minimized to accommodate the slimmer profile. That means smaller keys, closer together, even though the keyboard is said to go edge-to-edge.

The report details the device as overall slimmer than the existing MacBook Air 11-inch (which sounds insane), but a touch taller to accommodate the larger 12-inch screen. Speaker grilles toward the top of the keyboard double as vents for the CPU, too.

What news don't we get, here? Retina. Sadly, nothing in the report suggest we'll get a Retina MacBook Air with the refresh. Fans of the dense Apple screens won't find favor there, but we'll all still marvel at the thin profile, should this actually come to pass as reported.

Source: 9to5Mac