Renault EZ-Ultimo is self-driving luxury with Art Deco excess

Shane McGlaun - Oct 3, 2018, 8:53am CDT
Renault EZ-Ultimo is self-driving luxury with Art Deco excess

Renault is working hard to bring the future of autonomous vehicles to market with an experience that caters to just about every demographic. Renault showed off its EZ-Go autonomous vehicle for getting the masses wherever they need to be. For those not wanting a basic mobility experience, Renault is showing off its vision for a premium autonomous mobility service.

The core of this new service is the EZ-Ultimo, something Renault describes as an “upscale ride-hailing for all” platform that can be ordered on-demand for an hour or an entire day. The vehicle itself is an individual mobile lounge. Renault claims that it can extend the premium experience of a hotel, resort, or airline.

The robotic vehicle is created around a travel experience in a personal lounge with all the comfort and services needed to relax or concentrate while on the go. The vehicle has automatic opening doors and a rotating seat that welcomes passengers and makes it easy to enter and exit the vehicle. Privacy is ensured for occupants with glass facets on upper section of the car blocking the passenger from view.

The inside would feature premium materials like wood, marble, and leather. Level 4 autonomous tech means that the car could connect to infrastructures, adapt to a busy urban environment, and operate anywhere.

EZ-Ultimo is the third in the Renault autonomous, electric, connected urban mobility services entries. It uses the same platform as the EZ-Go and EZ-Pro autonomous vehicles. This rounds out the shared mobility system Renault sees for the future.

SOURCE: Renault

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