Refurbished iPhone 11 hits Apple at last

Apple started including the iPhone 11 in their store with refurbished stock for the first time in the device's history. This refurbished stock includes the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. If you have, for whatever reason, been looking for these specific models before and found yourself out-of-sorts when you found out they weren't in the Apple store anymore, now's your time!

The lower cost of the devices in the Apple Store right this minute might not seem all that miraculous. Getting a maximum of around $170 off of a device that could cost nearly a thousand isn't the sort of discount that'd normally make me jump to get my wallet. BUT, because we're talking about a "refurbished" model from Apple, the stakes are different.

Every time I, personally, have purchased a refurbished device from Apple, it's arrived in a state that's essentially new. They do such an extraordinary job of making these devices look and feel new that it's like you're just buying a new device.

The versions available at Apple now are SIM-free and carrier unlocked. This means you'll be able to toss in a SIM card from your carrier of choice with little or no fuss or muss.

If you're looking at the Apple Store refurbished stock right now, you'll likely find different sets of devices, capacities, and colors than if you looked this morning. The stock isn't like it is with a normal set of devices – the stock is dependent on what's left in the store – and it's not much!

Take a peek at our reviews of the devices in a couple of ways. There's the iPhone 11 Review "When enough is enough", and the iPhone 11 Pro Review "The should I upgrade question". Drop down in to the timeline below for more information on this set of devices in the recent past as well.