Redpoint Model A Testa Rossa Racing Red edition

It's almost Christmas, which means just about everything goes red for a special edition.  If you're going to pick up one festive-themed gadget this year, might we suggest the Redpoint Model A Testa Rossa Racing Red edition – the company's classic audiophile turntable.  Built upon a solid aluminum billet base with a silicone-oil-damped composite Teflon platter, the Model A would make the ideal gift for someone who refuses to give up their vinyl.

To minimize any power inteference, the motor section is completely separate and battery-powered to avoid AC noise.  Inside there's a 12V DC motor with precious metal brushes and sleeve bearings.  Multiple arm pods are available depending on your choice of musical style, and they'll even make you a custom on if you're still not happy.

Frankly, while the standard Model A looks pretty impressive in black, this red one is the one to have in my opinion.  Snatch it up while it's hot, a snip at £10,500 ($15,399).

[via Born Rich]