Redpark Breakout Pack for Arduino and iOS is perfect for geeky tinkerers

Lately there have been a lot of interesting DIY robots that have surfaced. One of the cooler ones was the Android mascot robot that I mentioned last week. One thing that all these little robots have in common is that they all use Arduino for programming. If you are the sort that likes to make little projects that you can control and add various functionality to the Arduino platform is a good one to go with.

Over on Make there is a new cable that will allow you to connect the iPhone to an Arduino box without having to jailbreak the device. The cable will also work on the iPad and iPod touch as well. The cable plugs into the docking connector on the Apple device and has a RS232 port on the other end that allows connectivity to the Arduino board or any other device that does serial protocol.

The kit Make is selling in its Maker Shed pairs that cable with a RS232 to TTL serial adapter and the minitronics survival Pack with components and sensors to use. The kit gets you ready to make your own DIY apps. Supplies are limited to start and the kit sells for $59. What would you create with this kit?

[via Make]