Reddit’s Android app enters beta today, iOS to follow

Brittany A. Roston - Jan 28, 2016, 7:30pm CST
Reddit’s Android app enters beta today, iOS to follow

Reddit announced last month that it was creating its own official Android app, giving users on the platform a solid option for browsing the website. Despite its Alien Blue acquisition a couple years ago, Reddit is also working on a new iOS app, something it will be putting into beta soon. Today’s all about Android, though, with the service announcing that the Android app entered beta today.

The Reddit Android app beta was announced by Reddit’s CEO Steve Huffman in a post today. Reddit gave users the opportunity to sign up for the beta last month; it’ll let a few thousand users try out the mobile offering before launching it for everyone, so if you’re not signed up, you’ll have to stay patient.

Said Huffman:

Whether you access it from your desktop, a mobile browser, or a native app, we will work to make the Reddit product more engaging. Mobile in particular continues to be a priority for us. Our new Android app is going into beta today, and our new iOS app should follow it out soon.

In addition, he announced that Reddit will have a Transparency Report available this upcoming March, detailing things like government and law enforcement requests for data. There will also be some big changes coming to Reddit this year, including changes to the front page, default subreddits, spam and abuse, and many other things.

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