Reddit RPAN lets anyone* live stream videos right now [UPDATE]

The Reddit Public Access Network is officially up and available for use today in a test run on R/PAN. This is the first time the Reddit Public Access Network was made available to the world for use – beyond basic testing behind the scenes. Users are able to broadcast their day using their smartphone and do not necessarily need to be any sort of pre-screened or pre-approved creative type of member of any certain club. *UPDATE: A Reddit spokesperson revealed that there are, indeed, criteria that must be met by any one Redditor before they are able to broadcast. Additional clarifications were shared by a Reddit spokesperson as well.UPDATE 2: Details in this article were expanded upon in a set of comments and clarifications from a Reddit spokesperson in Reddit's RPAN Streaming Video Network: Who can broadcast? In short: There are criteria that must be met by Redditors who wish to broadcast – these prerequisite factors are not yet public. These video streams are moderated by Reddit admins. Reddit only just rolled broadcast and viewing abilities to 100% of Redditors yesterday afternoon.

What is RPAN?

The Reddit RPAN system is slightly different from any other live video broadcast system that any other site is using currently. Users are able to broadcast their day – an activity in which they're involved, a race they're running, a dog they're petting. To share live video with the world, the RPAN system requires that users have the official Reddit app.

Therein lies the rub. Reddit officials want the world to use the app rather than visit the site with 3rd-party apps or via a mobile web browser. If you've used Reddit in the last few years on your smartphone without an app, you'll know the pain and degradation that comes with attempting to visit the site with a web browser. It's not the optimal experience, they say – and they repeat each time you visit.

Reddit's latest effort to bring new users to the fray is RPAN. This system of live video broadcast is unlike any other mainly because of the system in which it resides. It is within Reddit. This RPAN network is not its own app – it exists inside the Reddit app and the Reddit webpage.

How do I broadcast video with R/PAN on Reddit?

Reddit does not currently allow users to broadcast a live video feed to RPAN without the official Reddit app. Once a user is in the latest iteration of the Reddit app, they'll find the R/PAN network. Once they've started watching a video, they'll find a "BROADCAST" button.

Unfortunate for most users, the network is not currently prepared to handle massive loads of live video broadcasts at once. (EDIT: Not entirely rolled-out – see above.) That, or Reddit took the time to pre-select content creators to broadcast before they began the live stream network's first release test.

UPDATE: It would appear that these broadcasts are randomly allowed (EDIT: Not random – see above) – if you get lucky enough tapping the Broadcast button at the right time, your broadcast will begin (EDIT: Additional factors involved – see above). Just make sure you've got something worth broadcasting before you tap. And make sure you're not broadcasting anything you wouldn't want your little brother or sister to see – or just check the Reddit broadcasting content policy that's also now live and official via RedditInc.