Reddit is down: It's not just you or Wall Street

This afternoon Reddit was down for a period of time starting at around 11:29 PST. On January 27, 2021, Reddit was the subject of some scrutiny thanks to the extreme nature of stock prices after recommendations and pushes from Reddit's various stock-watching communities. The push involved stocks like GameStop, BlackBerry, and the movie theater company AMC.

According to official Reddit status readouts, an issue with Reddit was being tracked just after 11:29 PST, January 27, 2021. This issue affected for Desktop Web users, mobile web, and native mobile apps alike. Ten minutes after the initial release of the status from official Reddit developers, the crew posted a simple "We are continuing to investigate this issue."

It's possible issues today had to do with extreme traffic due to news coverage of the AMC, GameStop, and BlackBerry stock squeeze. It could also be a big coincidence.

According to the official Reddit social media manager, "yes, we're down right now. I'll share updates here as we have them. Pls [sp] don't yell at me." This same social media manager shared an image of said social media manager fixing the Reddit servers with a piece of FLEX TAPE with the tag "MY JOURNALISM DEGREE." It was not helpful.

Take a peek at the news earlier today when it was evident that trading platforms were knocked out thanks to GameStop volatility. One thing affects the other. Cross your fingers it'll all be back in action by the end of the day.