Reddit hits Google Glass in first 3rd party app

As a new platform rises, so too does a Reddit interface come with it – this being the way of things. With Google Glass sitting in front of the eye of the user and appearing in every moment of a user's life, it exists as the perfect starting point for the community that calls itself The Front Pace of the Internet. This app was developed by Glass Explorer and futuristic developer of the future Malcolm Nguyen and goes by the name Reddit Timeline.

Like Reddit's existence on each other mobile and desktop platform its represented on, this app home will likely be one of many for Google Glass. Reddit does not have any truly official apps on any platform at the moment, relying instead of miniaturized versions of itself within the webpage in a web browser to tend to those without love for the numerous third party apps on the market. As a technology-friendly population of users makes up the bulk of Reddit, apps developed by the environment itself appear to have come naturally.

Nguyen's app Reddit Timeline is a rather rudimentary portal into Reddit through Google Glass in which the top 25 stories posted to Reddit are shown in brief. The user is is able to see these posts in text form and with image previews, not including videos at the moment but pushing for comments and up or downvotes on the whole.

NOTE: For clarification – this isn't the first 3rd party app developed for Glass. Instead the title is meant to imply that it is the first 3rd party Reddit app developed for Glass – no worries!

This app also allows you to have comments read aloud via Glass and is certainly not something you're going to want to download if you ever plan on taking Glass off your head again. As Google Glass is said at the moment to only be able to stay powered up for 3.5 hours on average, we'll have to stay close to a wall charger for the time being. Watch out for not safe for your work environment posts right up in your eyeball!

[via Mashable]