Redbox Instant now available to the public

Craig Lloyd - Mar 14, 2013
Redbox Instant now available to the public

After being in closed beta for a few months, Redbox Instant is ready for public consumption (as previously rumored). The new movie-streaming service is Redbox’s newest initiative in partnership with Verizon. The companies first announced first announced plans for Redbox Instant over a year ago, and it’s now finally available for anyone wanting to sign up.

Redbox Instant currently offers around 4,600 titles to choose from, and along with the $8/month subscription, you’ll also get four one-night DVD rentals per month from any Redbox kiosk in the US. Plus, when you sign up now, you’ll get a one-month trial for free, which also comes with four DVD rentals to use at your disposal.

However, while Redbox Instant may be considered a Netflix competitor, Redbox Instant CEO Shawn Strickland says that it caters to different users. He says that the new service is for those who still value physical DVD rentals. Redbox Instant also focuses on movies for now, while Netflix has more of a TV show supplement.

The service is available on Android and iOS devices, as well as a handful smart televisions, including Google TV set-top boxes. It’s also available for the Xbox 360 as a console exclusive, although the service may launch on other consoles in the future. And as usual, you can also watch movies through Redbox Instant’s web interface.

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