Xbox 360 Getting Exclusive Redbox Instant Console Access [UPDATE]

Redbox Instant is currently in beta as we speak, with a rumored official launch date sometime in March. Microsoft has announced today that the Xbox 360 will be the only gaming console getting access to the new streaming service. Upon an agreement with the Redmond-based company and Verizon (who is running Redbox Instant), Microsoft is getting exclusive console rights to Redbox Instant.

UPDATE: We received an email from Redbox saying that they "plan to launch on other gaming platforms," but as of right now, and during the full public launch, the Xbox 360 will be the only console at that time.

If you happen to be a Redbox Instant beta participant currently, you'll receive an email with a unique code to access the Redbox Instant app on Xbox 360 in the coming days. Microsoft didn't reveal when Redbox Instant would be coming to the Xbox 360 for the public, but it will be sometime "in the very near future."

Redbox has been around for a couple of years, and they're most known for having convenient DVD kiosks at various locations, and allow users to rent a DVD for $1 per night. The company is expanding to online streaming, with the help of Verizon, in order to compete with streaming giant Netflix, and the service aims to create a better experiences for users.

The Xbox 360 is already a massively popular gaming console, and with exclusive access to Redbox Instant, Microsoft is looking to continue the tradition of the most console sold per month, a title that they have held for the past two years straight. However, no word on whether or not you'll an Xbox Live Gold membership to access the Redbox Instant app, but it's a safe bet that you'll need one.