RED to demo EPIC, Scarlet and Mysterium-X ONE in February 2010

Indecently appealing camera manufacturer RED have announced that would-be buyers of their latest EPIC and Scarlet models will have a chance to see the latest prototypes in mid-February.  The event, which will be held in Los Angeles on February 13th, will also see some RED ONEs with Mysterium-X sensors make an appearance.

RED will also be showing off just what their cameras are capable of, bringing along a Sony 4K projector especially for that purpose.  There'll also be RED footage film prints along with new accessories, post-production tools and some unnamed special guests.

Most recently, RED have revealed details of their Scarlet 2/3 camera, which is capable of 3k REDCODE RAW 120fps video recording (or scaled 720p/1080p 60fps recording) and is expected to arrive in buyers' hands from May or June 2010.  However some EPIC cameras will ship later this year, though only to early testers.

[via Electronista]