Recycling, geek style

In today's world with smog and the ever growing population we are becoming a little more conscious about the amount of waste we put into the world. We don't always do something about it, but we at least know it's a good idea to recycle. Why not recycle your old geeky gadgets, for example, your circuit board?

The Circuit Breaker Circuit Board Floor Lamp offers exactly that, a lamp with old recycled circuit boards. Hey, why not be a little geeky about your recycling methods? However, there is a catch, as with all good things it comes at a price, $900 to be exact. Yes, you did read correctly; a lamp made of recycled goods is priced at $900.

This is yet another one of those items that was a good idea but they took it a bit too far (about $800 too far). Luckily it's a fairly basic design and if you have the right friends it would be really simple to make for less than half the price.

Light up those circuit boards [via popgadget]