Recompute cardboard computer now in production

PC manufacturers often treat environmental friendliness as something that begins and ends with using recycled materials for the packaging, but what about the average desktop PC casing itself?  Recompute's "sustainable computer" concept has been making the rounds since last year, but the company have just announced that the first of the cardboard-chassis PCs are now going into production.

A waiting list for interested parties has been up and running for a few months now, though they're yet to confirm what exact specifications the final machine might have.  The idea is that aside from the motherboard, processor, RAM, storage and power supply, everything else is made from cardboard; that way, only minimal metal and electronics are used.

Once you're done with the PC, you can send the internal hardware off for recycling or re-use and dump the case in with your recycling (assuming you're allowed to put cardboard in there).  In a worst-case scenario the Recompute shell will simply biodegrade over time.  No word on how much the finished example will cost at this stage, nor when we can expect the first deliveries.

[via The Next Web]