Realtree camo hits gadget universe: Skullcandy, LifeProof, PowerA gaming

Chris Burns - Jan 18, 2014, 4:54 pm CDT
Realtree camo hits gadget universe: Skullcandy, LifeProof, PowerA gaming

here’s a brand by the name of Realtree out there that specializes in making some of the most well-known camouflage patterns on the market. Here in 2014, we’re seeing Realtree take a big stab at the gadget market, connecting with 3rd party groups like PowerA for gaming controllers, Skullcandy for headphones, and LifeProof for device cases. Pretty soon we’ll be able to camouflage not only our clothing, but everything else we carry too!

The simplest and most obvious application of Realtree designs this season is with LifeProof, creating a set of iPhone cases for the masses. With LifeProof’s heavy-duty protect-all cases in play, the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s is working with pattens from Realtree called AP Pink, Max-5, Xtra, and Xtra Green.

It’s quite likely LifeProof will expand this collection of patterns and colors to the rest of their device lineup should this initial set do well. Next up: iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s – just you wait.

From PowerA comes a set of Realtree emblazoned gaming controllers in some of the same patterns as come with the LifeProof cases. You’ll find Max 4, Pink, and Timber controllers for the Xbox 360, PS3, and WiiU. Like the rest of the bits you’re seeing in this article, the whole lot has been officially licensed from Realtree – working directly with the Realtree group for these unique patterns.

Skullcandy is also in on the camp rush. Not that Skullcandy has ever been shy about applying massive amounts of color to their headsets or collaborating with 3rd-party groups in the past, but here you’ll find the Realtree application to make their headphones remain in the Skullcandy brand firmly. Here these headphones become rough and tough – maybe even more-so than the average Skullcandy headphone wearer is used to.


Don’t worry though, they’ve got some extra ramped-up product here to make certain the public understands what this team-up is all about. The “Realtree Crusher” joins the full collection of Realtree Skullcandy devices with the Hesh, Uprock, and Ink’d – over-ear, on-ear, and earbuds. The Crusher headphones work with the Sensation55 bass extension driver alongside their REX40 driver – that means bass you can literally feel vibrate through your skull and smooth frequency response.


We’ll be expecting quite a few more Realtree camo collaborations before the end of this year as well – what else would you like to see covered in branches before this wave is all over?

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