Real-life Halo Warthog gets test-driven

I'm a sucker for a full-sized vehicle replica, which is why I'm madly jealous of OXM's Alistair Wallis.  He was invited to test-drive the full-sized Warthog made by New Zealand firm WETA for the Neil Blomkamp Halo movie pitch.  While the pitch wasn't successful, WETA certainly was in their build, hence the monster you see here.

Underneath the artificially battle-scarred bodywork there's the guts of a Nissan Patrol 4x4.  That gives the Warthog all-wheel drive and a turbocharged engine, and while trick independent-wheel suspension wasn't possible in time for this particular replica, it's still reportedly "a blast".

Before they let Alistair drive, they made him dress up in a Halo cosplay costume.  Normally I'd commiserate – not that there's anything wrong with cosplay, but neither Alistair or I could really pull it of – but since he managed to get the gig while not even having a driving licence, I'll just say it's suitable punishment.

[via Kotaku]