Real Life Frogger Goes Ever So Slightly Bad

If you know anything about the history of video games, you know about one of the most maddeningly addictive action puzzle games of all time: Frogger. What you might not know is that this sort of game has been played by real people more than once – most recently just a couple of days ago in South Carolina by a man and his friends. He didn't exactly get crunched, but he didn't really make it all the way across, either, getting hit by a Lexus SUV on his way across. This should remind you of two relatively famous reenactments of similar nature: Seinfeld and the Prodigy. Their respective games (or terrible lapses in judgement) went way better (or funnier, at least.)

This man and his friends, according to Clemson police chief Jimmy Dixon, were "intrigued" by the idea that they might act out the game Frogger in real life. When his friend shouted "Go!" this man started his way across several lanes of traffic – getting quickly hit, but not killed. WYFF 4 local news reports the man to be in stable condition.

Now lets talk about the better situations. First of two is Seinfeld, in an episode where they've got an arcade cabinet containing the Frogger game that George would like to get across the street to a power outlet to try out. He decides for the most hilarious approach and dodges traffic:

The more hardcore of these two involves lots of voodoo magic. This is a music video of the Pendulum remix of the classic Prodigy song "Voodoo People" and features a ritualistic running of blindfolded people through a series of obstacles, including traffic. Make sure your sound is down to a reasonable level for this one:

Don't try this at home!

[Via Daily Tech]