Rdio unshackles service with free Web streaming debut

Brittany A. Roston - Jan 16, 2014
Rdio unshackles service with free Web streaming debut

Early this morning, Spotify threw the doors wide open for desktop users, stripping away restrictions and allowing unlimited free streaming, no caps or limitations to be seen. Rdio has followed closely on the heels of this, announcing today that its users can also now stream music for free on the Web, the listening supported by advertisements akin to that of its competitors.

The free online streaming is available only for those located in the United States, and provides unlimited access to the company’s library of about 20 million songs. The advertisements that support this are being called “short and sweet”, and are being delivered in-stream in the form of notifications, brand ads, and announcements about new features.

Those who don’t like ads won’t have to change their ways, however.The for-pay monthly subscription is still available and will remain ad-free, priced at $9.99 per month and bringing both mobile and Web access. To celebrate the change, Rdio has also put together a playlist titled “I’m Free” full of songs that relate to, er…being free.

Those who go with the Rdio Unlimited subscription also get access to the on-demand features. One will need to sign up for the service regardless in order to listen to the music, doing so by manually making an account or linking one’s Facebook. Are you excited about the change, or do you consider the monthly fee a small price to avoid ads?


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