RCA Jet Stream totally cordless earphones

Chris Davies - Jan 10, 2007, 4:39pm CST

Engadget have got a hands-on gallery with the RCA Jet Stream cordless earphones, which are based on the Kleer reference design SlashGear wrote lustfully about last year.  With a five to six foot range, using proprietary RF connectivity with apparently incredible audio quality, as demonstrated they’re working with a specific RCA mp3 player but there’s no reason why future PMPs could have the hardwear built-in, or even a plug-in dongle for a retrofit solution.

The most surprising thing, perhaps, is the $129 price-tag.  Vincent, you hear me?  Bring me back a set of these!

RCA Jet Stream

Hands-on with the RCA Jet Stream [Engadget]

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